a little black dress

Not surprisingly, I’m juggling several projects, but the one currently getting the most attention is my little black dress made of linen. I’m taking Susan Khalje’s online class through Pattern Review and am both learning a ton and having way more fun with the meticulous steps than I had expected. The pattern I chose is Vintage Vogue (reprint) 1137. The finished dress will be 100% black linen from Joann’s, underlined with black cotton batiste (because I had 4 yards just sitting around). Lining is yet to be determined.

The muslin fitting stage was the most tedious so far – primarily because I had to alter a single front bodice piece to fit 3 cup sizes larger than the pattern, using only one vertical dart and one horizontal dart on each half. So… five muslin bodice fronts later, I was finally happy with the result. Not ecstatic-jumping-for-joy-happy but more of a subdued yeah-this-will-work-happy. And while part of me wishes I had kept track of the hours that went into that portion of the project, let’s just say it’s probably better not knowing!

Earlier this evening I had some time to work on the next few steps – namely marking the seam lines on the underlining, cutting out the underlining and the linen, and then basting each piece to it’s underlining along the seam lines. I can report that all of that took roughly 4.5 hours. I’m pretty sure the basting took about 1.5 hours of that… but I wasn’t paying attention when I started the first piece.

The gory details of the steps… along with photos are up next. Oh, and basting the pieces together to see if my yeah-this-will-work muslin did the trick after all!


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