a little black dress, part deux

Well, unsurprisingly to me, I haven’t gotten much further on the dress. But I have managed to both take some pictures of the journey and get them downloaded on my computer. That’s a small little success right there!

My starfish-shaped bodice. They had themselves some serious darts in the 1950s!

Our most recent class chat was Sunday evening, two nights ago.  As I had a busy day and not much time to get ahead with sewing before the chat, I put the laptop nearby and continued to alternate basting pieces and typing for an hour. I was able to get the entire bodice hand-basted together just before our chat came to an end… and lo and behold… the darn thing actually fit pretty well.

A few notes while they are still relatively fresh in my mind:

  • It took about one hour to baste the entire bodice together. This includes side seams, shoulder seams and six bodice darts.
  • I need to continuously remind myself that this is a 1950s vintage pattern. It was meant to wear over 1950s lingerie (aka bullet bras) which I do not currently wear. (Nor do I plan to… but that’s a whole other topic.)
  • It’s a fine line between getting a good high bust point and maintaining the vintage look while still being able to wear the dress comfortably over modern skivvies.
  • The bodice will be comfortably snug when finished, especially with the lining layer thrown in there. However, I always find that linen relaxes on the body so I’m keeping that in mind relative to the ease of the finished dress. We’ll see how the cotton batiste underlining effects that…
  • It’s going to take some really delicate yet manipulative pressing to get the bust just right. But if I’m patient and take some time on it it will be worth the effort.
  • Lastly… keep the orange and white cat away from the little black dress pieces. A single cat hair is too much.

I will baste the skirt darts and side seams next but won’t bother trying those on. The muslin from the waist down has been just ducky so far. Once all the basting is done, it’s time to whip the whole thing together on the machine and starting turning all those seam allowances to the inside. And add a zipper. Here’s hoping it’s as quick as it sounds in the directions….


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