a flirty brown velvet jacket, part deux

A busy end to the week but then the weekend finally arrived! It took sleeping late, a bit of house cleaning, general tidying, a few loads of laundry, and many, many cups of coffee but by 3pm, I was ready for some fun sewing.  I have three ongoing projects, and the brown jacket won today. Stupidly, I wasn’t paying close attention to the deadline for the Refashion Challenge on Pattern Review and missed the chance to enter. It was Thursday night… not Friday, which was when I was planning on doing my sewing. Boo!

Too cute! Although it might even more charming with sleeves and without the raw edges!

However,  I was (and am)  determined to finish the jacket anyway – contest or no! So after all the tables were cleared off (see tidying note above) I grabbed the leftover brown Ambiance lining left over from the dress this jacket will be worn with. It was an odd shaped piece but I just managed to get everything cut out that I needed to.  I wasn’t paying attention to how long that took… but my guess is about 45 minutes at most.  This was actually done earlier in the afternoon – it’s a Saturday… tough keeping track of every minute!

Anyway, moving on… the sewing went outrageously quickly! I did decide to make a full lining, and the collars and pocket flaps  were faced with the Ambiance, too.  Since there was enough, and I figured it made sense, I cut linings for the sleeves, too. In three hours (we’re up to 6pm now) I managed to get the jacket bodice done, with flaps & collar, and the jacket  bodice lining sewn, too. The only things left are sleeves, attaching the lining, and buttons and buttonholes.

Okay… I admit, that does leave a bit to do. But I do love how it’s looking already!


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