a flirty brown velvet jacket, finis

It’s done! And I’m even wearing it today…

The final steps went really quickly.

Tom has nicknamed these the birdcage sleeves... or he thinks they should be fitted with lightbulbs. Boys... ugh.

Sleeves: These were sewn right sides together along the lower edge and turned to finish the lower edge. I had originally thought I could put the sleeve lining in by hand as the final step – but due to the sleeve hem being sewn right into the armscye, that plan wasn’t going to work. As result the lining and sleeve heads are gathered separately – but it still ended up working just fine without creating too much bulk.  As a side note… I’m not crazy about the sleeve. It really stands away from the body – and it’s not just because of the weight of the fabric. If you look at the pattern envelope, you can tell… but it didn’t jump out at me until the jacket was done.

Just before sewing in the lining...

I had already constructed the bodice lining at the same time I was putting the jacket bodice pieces together. So it was simple a case of bagging – pinning it right sides together along neckline, fronts and lower edges. Sewing it up went quickly, and I was very careful to shorten my stitch length as I approached the lower edge of the lapel and pivot exactly at the corner of the front jacket edge. I was able to get a very precise finish as a result.

The jacket was turned through one of the armscyes, pressed from the wrong side (so it’s not super flat… but that’s price of this velvety stuff!) and the remaining arsmcye edges were turned to the inside and finished with an underhand hemstitch.

Phew! Almost done! I grabbed a few scraps to test buttonholes and found an old button in my stash. A few minutes later the jacket was complete. (Well until I tried to try it on… and realized I needed to cut the buttonhole open… doh!)

Just what I wanted - it matches the dress perfectly!

You can see the back piecing.. but it's not so bad. Plus it's done, and really that's more important!

Now to get back to the little black dress!


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