Panic attacks not withstanding…

Today was NOT a good day. But since there are but 30 minutes left as I write this, I’m trying to move past it. The upside of today’s insanity was that I learned to operate a video camera. However there are too many downsides to include in a single post!

So… thinking positively and moving ahead instead.

My friend’s wedding is one month from today and I’m very excited for them both! She came over with her gown last night to be fitted for alterations. It needs a fair bit of taking in along the two front princess seams above the bust apex, but besides that it should just need hemming and bustling. So that should be an interesting project to take my mind off more stressful endeavors. And the silk is gorgeous.. as in stunning to look at, to touch, and of course, to work with! Can’t wait to dive further into the construction – always interesting to see how things are put together.

Of course, the bride will look fabulous when all is done and ready. But I, the seamstress,  have not yet figured out what I am going to wear to said wedding! So… this evening’s stress reducing endeavor is to search high and low through the pattern catalogs online to find the perfect something to make and wear for the wedding. And I haven’t even started to think about fabrics yet. Except that it shouldn’t be green, purple, or blue. Because that’s what the bridesmaids and/or moms are wearing. So that still leaves the field pretty wide open ;o)

Now off to the races, err… catalogs.  Hmm, really doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?


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