a grey wedding guest dress

All the necessities: machine, iron, laptop, cutting, pincushion, pattern, fabric... and of course extra pillows and a fuzzy blanket!

No, Vicky’s wedding dress isn’t done yet… but I have made some headway in a dress for me to wear to the wedding. After being sick with a cold all weekend, I finally had a burst of energy on Sunday night. Since the sewing machine and iron were already in the bedroom, I decided to see how far I could get in making a gown while still saying in bed.

Frighteningly enough… one can get pretty far!

I did ask Tom to bring up the old cardboard cutting board and used that on the bed to cut out the dress pieces. I had found New Look 6912 on my last trip to Joann’s and really liked the draped neckline, plus the fitted torso. I went with the waist ties and the 3/4 length sleeves – and as usual, I also planned to fully line the dress.

I love the neckline. End of story.

In several hours of working on it last night, while staying in bed and watching random movies on Hulu – I managed to get the entire gown constructed – minus sleeves, lining and invisible side zipper.  I was really liking how it fit and how it looked hanging up against the wall.

Fast forward to this evening… and I managed to get the lining cut out & sewn, plus the zipper installed and sleeves added. Now, I haven’t clipped or pressed the armsyce – but I’m just not as crazy about it as I thought I’d be. I’m now rethinking sleeves.  Except that it looks really good on the hanger. Hmmm. Perhaps I’ll wait and look at the photos again tomorrow on a larger screen.

A few things learned while sewing in bed:

  • Use a pin cushion. Containers can spill and pins in bed doesn’t make anyone happy.
  • A bolt of muslin makes a great ironing board.
  • The machine may sound really loud but really no one else in the house can hear it.
  • Bad movies make it easier to focus on sewing.
  • Cats are not helpful to the sewing process. No matter how much they also enjoy being on the bed.

And lastly… a few notes about the dress until I get pictures loaded. The pattern details are above. The fabric… well, it’s sort of a heathered green-grey, more on the grey side in a polyester (blech!) spring suiting that I snagged at Joann’s for a whopping $1.50/yd. Yep – under $4 for the dress fabric. I don’t remember exactly how much the lining and notions cost – but I do remember that my entire bill was about $27 and that included the dress & lining fabrics, thread, zipper, extra zipper/thread for the little black dress, and the latest Threads magazine. Not bad eh?

Now to try it on again in the morning to decide the fate of the sleeves… and possibly the dress!


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