a bachelorette party ensemble

Hmm… I have a dress to wear to the wedding, but of course the bachelorette party happens first! In fact, we’ll be headed out on the town on Saturday evening, less than two days away. Eek.

After the success of the grey wedding guest dress, I’m itching to make something new… and something fun at that! So the hunt begins. I’m looking on instyle.com and through various pattern reviews, plus my own pattern & fabric stash. Nothing is jumping out at me although random ideas keep popping in and out my head. So far here are the contenders, in no particular order:

  1. Strapless black/red/grey plaid dress from my closet, with black tights, suede heels and a new fitted black sateen jacket. Or maybe velvet. Or velveteen. But definitely something I could wear with jeans after this weekend. Potential problem: Can I get a jacket made overnight?
  2. Make a new dress from New Look 6912 pattern (the grey wedding guest dress) but with the sleeveless, one-shouldered option, possibly shortening the skirt a tad more.  And in a fabulous evening type of fabric inspired by the stunning eggplant colored gown worn by Gwyneth Paltrow. Potential problems – A: When would I wear it again? B: Will I freeze to death wearing it on Saturday? C:  What shoes would I wear?
  3. Jeans, Boots (love my boots), Badgley Mischka jacket, a new halter or empire waist sleeveless top that hits mid-hip. Scarf with the sleeveless option. Possibly New Look 6893 for the top. Potential problems: Is this fun enough for a bachelorette party?

Clearly this isn’t going to get decided tonight. A trip to look at patterns, fabrics and possibly a detour to T.J. Maxx Runway is definitely in order. Aww shucks. What a shame!


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