a frou frou wedding gown, part deux

Thanks to this year’s bout with bronchitis, it’s been another long weekend more or less spent at home in bed. Fortunately I had already planned to take some time off so getting back to Vicky’s wedding gown wouldn’t be a problem. Now to just find the energy!

She was last here about two weeks ago and the dress fit beautifully! I did mark the bust to be taken in ever so slightly by hand – just to soften the sharp angle from the bust point to the top edge. The embroidery was pinned back in place and rearranged to be more as symmetrical as possible. We also marked the hem, which took some doing! Again, thanks to beautiful construction… it’s a bit of bear to alter.

So, catching up… here’s what’s been done since the last fitting:

  • Take in bust fullness very slightly, satin only
  • Whipstitch all the loose edges of the embroidery to the bodice
  • Bar tacks added to either side of bust seam below top edge (to keep lining from rolling)
  • Skirt/underlining and skirt lining trimmed for new hem lengths
  • Skirt hem facing stitched right side to skirt/underlining
  • Understitch skirt hem facing close to seam
  • Fold hem facing to inside and pin to organza interlining

And what still needs to be done? Here’s the very short list to be done tomorrow morning:

  • Whipstitch the bodice lining to skirt lining at waist (30 min)
  • Catchstitch the hem facing to the organza skirt underlining (60 min
  • Hem skirt lining with horsehair braid to stiffen (15 min)
  • Trim tulle petticoat layers (15 min)
  • Add blue grosgrain ties & loops for bustling (15 min)
  • Tack strapless bra to gown at sides (15 min)
  • Steam dress (30 min)

So about 3 hours left of gown altering to do and then it’s ready to leave. Good thing too since the wedding is Saturday! Now, I wonder if need a different dress to wear to the wedding myself…


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