a frou frou wedding gown, part trois

It’s done! So really this should be be the ‘finis’ post, but since I can’t share photos of the beautiful bride in her gown until after Saturday’s wedding, there will be one more post to complete the story!

When all was said and done, I think it was the tulle that was finally the death of me…

So. Much. Tulle.

There had to be something like 12 or 13 layers, some went all the way around, some stopped at the sides, and some were only the back. Yikes! Fortunately one of the bridesmaids is an amazing seamstress herself so I advised bringing scissors, just in case any is STILL peaking out when the gown is bustled.

From earlier testing - the 3 point bustle

Most of the alterations took about as long as I expected, except for bustling. I had planned on a three or five point bustle based on the seam locations and the back pleating detail of the dress, but do to the insanely full skirt and back sweep of the gown, we finally ended with a seven point bustle. The last two were added while Vicky and her girls were here and luckily they were patient!

After a few ‘dancing’ tests to be sure everything was at the right level, the finished gown was re-packed and the happy bride took it to be stored at her parents until the wedding on Saturday.

In looking back at the amount of time I worked on this, I’d probably say it was a total of 12 hours, plus a bit more time for fittings. (Since the fittings were also some seriously high quality friend time… it’s hard to count that accurately!)

Considering this was a relatively simple set of adjustments (take in the bust fullness 1/2″, hem and bustle)… well you can see why alterations are such a costly part of the wedding attire budget! I’m so glad I was able to do this for Vicky, and now I seriously can’t wait to see her in all her bride-y glory at the wedding!

Yay! Congratulations to Matt & Victoria!


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