a great white driving coat and hat, part deux

Yikes! Nearly a month and nary a word about sewing…. Shameful!

Okay, cutting myself some slack for being sick since the wedding, I’m now feeling mostly better and do have some sewing reports to catch up on. Unfortunately my camera has COMPLETELY gone missing which is doubly annoying since there are some photos I need to take and I still have pics from the wedding stored on it. I’m hoping a more thorough cleaning of my car will allow it to turn up!

Anyway, we had another sewing night at the Society last night and I was able to start sewing the duster coat – yeah! It’s embarrassing that I hadn’t picked it up in a month (well, other than to move it around the room while looking for other items) but during our 2 or so hours last night, I sewed all the long body seams and started putting hong kong seam finishes on those same sewn edges. I’m using some beige poly satin that’s been laying around – a bit heavy for this purpose but as it’s a costume piece, I’m not too concerned. I opted for the hong kong seams to practice the technique and to give the inside a polished finish. I just never know who might end up wearing it… and I know all too well how most people treat ‘costumes!’

Some of the fun bits will come next, like the trimmed pockets. They need to have their pretty braid applied before betting attached to the coat so that will be a few short bursts of creativity to get them done. Hmm, I think the same goes for the collar, too. Maybe I should rush through the rest of those seam bindings and just get on to the fun stuff…

This may be sadly uninteresting sewing for the main body of the coat – even if I did have photos – but it does feel really good to make some progress!


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