The finished 1692 silk damask mantua on display at the Witch House in Salem, MA

How sad that there’s not been much reporting here… Fortunately I have been finding time to sew, just not any time for photography or writing. Among my projects since May are:

  • the little black dress… actually has been worn in public!
  • Sulky Teacher Certification weekend… that was a mixed bag and deserves its own post with a few highlights and many entertaining low points
  • 1820s stays, bodiced petticoat, gown & bonnet… not perfect but willingly worn in public at Old Sturbridge Village for Militia Day in June
  • 1692 silk mantua… now on display at the Witch House in Salem (and look, I even have a picture of that!)
  • cotton stained glass dress… the latest project and even worn to work yesterday!
  • pumpkin pique maxi dress… worn many times but now in the laundry
  • BRAS!….  Took the best bra workshop ever and made three bras (although only the last one is the right fit) and in fact that’s probably the next project in line, too!

So… all in all,  not so shabby. Now to do some writing, reviews for PatternReview.com, and finish photographing everything. One of these days I’ll find more time! But as long as I can keep finding time to sew, we’ll it’s all good and I stay sane.