a few things with Kenneth King

Life’s been busy. And crazy. And sad. And every once in a while life is happy.  This past weekend was one of those happy times. The well-known couturier Kenneth King was in town to present a lecture and two classes. My head was filled with inspiration and ideas taken from his incredible photos of architecture and totally over-the-top finished coats, bags, and hats from his collection. And my hands? Well, my hands were kept busy learning a new technique to insert welted pockets, plus seeing the steps to create a ‘seamless’ pocket welt and a facing seam pocket for jacket or coat interiors.

Then the real fun happened… (after a quick break for sushi!) when Kenneth began the embellishments class. Of course pictures would help (they’ll get added sooner or later… I’m just happy to find a few minutes to write!) but all I can is that this class was so much fun. It involved layering braided trim, satin rattail cord, beads, and other such things onto a combination of silk and felt that had been basted together. As silly as it sounds… he taught some damn cool tricks – and yes, I’ll be adding his latest book to my collection! The embellishing process involved finishing the braid seamlessly and as someone who doesn’t take the time to be creative in such ways… it was immensely relaxing and I loved playing with all the bits and pieces and handsewing my way through all of it. I have grand plans to make an evening bag using the techniques… let’s see if that happens ;o)

All of events with Kenneth King were held at Unique Boutique Boston – my favorite place to sew (aside from own my couch or studio!) because there’s just a great atmosphere there. They have a bunch more classes coming up that I need to add to my calendar…

And if that wasn’t enough for one weekend… I spent late Sunday afternoon checking out the grand opening of Silk Road Fabrics and picking up some beaded red velvet trim for my in-progress cocktail gown. It was fun to visit all the pretty fabrics again – and amazing to run in to many of the same people that were at the Kenneth King programs the day before. (Apparently we were traveling in packs…) The weekend ended with the Pattern Review book launch party where I got meet the PR Founder, Deepika – as well as bunches of other fun people.  Plus Laura’s Sewing School, the host of the party – was super neat to check out. I got my new book signed and finally made my way home.

Yes, it was a happy weekend… and tough to return to work on Monday!


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