a whole new year

And so much time to break resolutions! Writing has been on the back burner for months (clearly) but I have managed to get in the occasional sewing project. Currently I’m working on the Professional Bag from Creative Thimble and am thoroughly enjoying spending my Tuesday nights with two friends making a bit more progress each week. Unfortunately my camera has gone missing… at least since sometime in December so I’ve been horrible about taking any pictures. well, except the ones I take on my iphone – and let’s face it – those aren’t so great!

But moving on – let’s if I can even recall what I’ve worked on since the grand peacock party dress!

  • November – a butterfly-print quilting cotton tree skirt for a specialty Christmas tree
  • November – lined curtain panels for the living room – though they still need hemming, they are up
  • December – A red satin & velveteen cocktail dress – mostly from stash fabrics
  • December – aprons, neck wraps, eye masks, stockings, and oven mitts – all for christmas presents
  • January – partially constucted laptop bag – great Tuesday night project
  • January – 1911 drawers and chemise – part of Titanic Wardrobe project

Hmm… that doesn’t seem like so much now that I look it at it all together! However, I do have an increasing stash of fun fabrics including some gorgeous green and burgundy/green boucles. Perfect for chanel jackets or even a suit. Not that I wear suits… but I like the idea. A long coat is another idea… time to look at patterns!

I actually do have some resolutions for 2011 – So far I haven’t had to break them yet. Well – at least not the sewing resolutions!!

  1. To make, re-style, or otherwise re-purpose old clothes, rather than buying any new garments. Accessories may or may not be included in that – I haven’t decided yet!
  2. To accept any invitation to sew that I receive. I was feeling out of sorts and missed one ASG meeting… but I’ve decided to forgive myself for that one!

So now… to see what else happens in 2011! And maybe even keep track this time around…. ;o)