a jazzy new laptop bag, part deux

The end is in sight… and I have photos to prove it!

So close to being a bag, and yet... still more to do!

So… for the most part the outside of the bag is done! Well, except for the top zipper section that holds the whole thing closed.  I should be up to about 17 hours on this one since I put in a some time on Super Bowl Sunday and then another hour earlier tonight at my weekly sewing get together. Lorrie and Sharon are even closer to being done with their bags – they have nothing left to but to attach the top zipper section, which combines the outside and lining all-in-one. As a result – I was tasked with getting my bag to same step so that we could all finish our bags together next week.

I am so excited! I actually love the combination of fabrics much more than I thought I would and it really will be the perfect size for my laptop. Which is good because I keep leaving it lying around and never seem to have the cords near it. It will be great to give it a home!

Three styles to choose from... 2 weeks to decide!

With finishing this bag next week, that means we’ll get to start our next group project: The Mandarin Jacket from Favorite Things. We were chatting tonight about what to make it from. Lorrie and I had seen it made up in some great Asian fabrics and I was also partial to the linen version shown on the envelope. But then Sharon suggested silk… and now the idea of it in a silk dupioni is very appealing!

But what color? I already have four brown jackets… I think it’s time for a change! What goes with the jeans and scarves I have? Or would this just be a fantastic new excuse for more scarves…. Uh-oh. Now I’m just thinking of the gorgeous embroidered scarf my dad brought back from Hong Kong. It has some very hot pink flowers on black. I bet a jacket made in one of the embroidery shades would be perfect!


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