a jazzy new laptop bag, finis!

It’s done, it’s done!

Well, we had our usual Tuesday night sewing time and all three of us completed our professional totes. Sharon and Lorrie’s turned out fantastic – the leather really looks great and they even added feet to the bottom to keep the bags from wearing too easily. Mine doesn’t look too different from the partial finished photo in the last post. The big difference is the center zipper that closes it all up and of course the zillion pockets on the inside. Okay, maybe it’s only 7 pockets – but it seems like a lot more when sewing them all together. Final tally: about 19 hours. Not too bad for my first bag. Now I’ll have to take it to work tomorrow… just because!

A pink partial petticoat! Only the dust ruffle was attached in this photo. There's a 12" flounce that gets added on top, too.

Over the weekend I also finished my 1911 chemise and drawers as well as a pink sateen underpetticoat, except for one button and button hole. I have a corset in the works, too but am waiting on some boning to arrive before that can be wrapped up. Unfortunately the underpetticoat can’t get fitted until the corset is tried on again and I know my final waist size!

There’s another sewing night planned for tomorrow at work which will entail more 1911 sewing. At this point I have almost enough photos for a complete tutorial on 1911 drawers, chemises and petticoats. If only I could find the time to sit down and do it!


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