Embarrassed… But still sewing!

Apparently the name should have been “and she forgets to sew” based on the evidence in this blog! 2011 was a tough year… Mom was sick and diagnosed with cancer in March, work was beyond stressful, and sewing fell by the wayside in a big way. Not that I stopped entirely, but the occasions were few and far between.

Thankfully my friends Lorrie and Sharon kept me sewing a bit during our Tuesday sewing nights and I was occasionally able to attend ASG meetings to gain some inspiration. I’m sure I’ll catch up on some pattern reviews but for now I’m focused on the sewing to come in 2012!

Next weekend I’ll be attending the Nashua Sew & Vac retreat and I’ve cut out six projects this week – all in preparation for 3 lovely days of nothing but sewing. (big yay!)

And what do I have planned, you ask? Here’s the list as of Friday:

nook cover
draped neckline linen sheath
green  tweed sheath dress
orange and fuchsia border print dress
pink sundress and kerchief for niece
whimsical retro-ish apron
drab grey raincoat (previously cut)
yellow wool one shoulder dress (UFO)

Will I get them all done? Highly unlikely but I’ll have fun trying 😉 I also laundered some white knit and a green floral for pajama pants, a tank and a draped neck tee. We’ll see if I get those cut tomorrow…


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