Stash bash jeans

New jeans... still need some sanding... and a better place to take photos!

Pictures! I wore my newly finished jeans today, and aside from one minor mishap, they were great… and I even took a few pictures just a few minutes ago. (Note to self… start working out… or stop wearing sleeveless tops. It’s not currently a good look!) As for the minor mishap… I meant to topstitch the inseam but didn’t think of it until the side seams had been sewn and serged. AND I also forgot to go back stitch the crotch seam again… so there were a few ripped stitches at the first try on this morning. oops. Luckily the serging held and I survived until getting them back under the machine for a row of reinforcement stitches. And I added that step to my directions for next time.

Once again these are made from the J. Stern Designs pattern #37. I’ve used the pattern successfully before and still love those jeans but they are getting a bit worn out and were meant for flip-flops… so they end up a tad short when I want to wear my boots. Or any other shoes for that matter! Sadly, I’ve put back on a bit of weight (about 15 pounds) so the new pair are ‘curvier’ in the hip area (or rather my hips are curvier – ugh) than I would like but nothing a little new year’s healthy resolution can’t help with.

So – any major changes this time around? Here’s what I noted:

  • Fabric… purchased directly from Jennifer Stern at the Worcester Expo last April – excellent denim to work with although washing & drying it 4 times was a pain.
  • Topstitching… set up a second sewing machine just for top-stitching so I didn’t have to keep re-threading. Definitely saved time. Also used YLI jeans stitch thread. Great end result.
  • Fussy detail – pocket fabric is much sturdier this go round. And it was stitched three times for reinforcement. (I got a hole in a pocket in the first pair.)
  • The standard length was just right – I simply unfolded what I had tucked up from cutting the flip-flop length last time.
  • Back seat – still not perfect but that’s due to some faulty drafting on my end. I just need to straighten out the center back seam with a french curve – no biggie.
  • Must remember to topstitch inseam. It would have added strength and a nice detail that is found on nearly every other pair of jeans I own. I did topstitch the side seams from the waist to the base of the pocket – another detail found on many jeans and I like the look.
  • I’m still not shortening the zipper enough. Next time I need to shorten it to the length of the placket or just order some 4″ zippers and be done with it!
  • I’d like to try the YLI jeans stitch thread in beige next time. I think it would make for more subtle detailing on the next pair.
  • I add some decorative stitching on the pocket – just extra-long stitches mimicking the design shown on the envelope. I’m thinking I need to start a file on pocket embellishment ideas. Or keep saving for an embroidery machine!

Not bad for a first pocket attempt... just chalked a design and sewed!


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