Sleepy time pajamas

A little chilly for this time of year.. but very comfortable!

So somehow, I’ve actually managed to rebuild a decent sized stash… which of course included some odd selections. Lots of white t-shirt knit – it’s a bit on the heavier side but at least there are no worries about seeing through the fabric. And this flora/fauna green and brown quilters cotton that I am sure came from Joann’s at some point early last summer. Tom created a new cutting table for me and I had been thinking I would cover it with a patterned fabric… but this particular one ended up clashing with pretty much every other material in the room. So away on the shelf it got stored.

Until I started to get ready for the Nashua Sew & Vac retreat! I spent the first week of January just cutting out projects and kitting them in bags with the pattern and all necessary notions. It was actually kind of nice to work that way. And in fact, I’m already sewing more since I got back since I have all these projects just ready to go.

Anyway, this particular set ended up being the first project I sewed during the retreat- partly because they were easy, and partly because they were two of the least interesting projects I brought so I wantedto get them out of the way. It also gave me a chance to tweak the settings on my serger and Bernina for the rest of the weekend – since I didn’t mind a few skipped stitches on my sleepwear!

All told, I followed the instructions exactly – made a medium top and medium pants – and they probably took me a combined 2 hours from start to finish. I haven’t worn them to bed yet… but as soon as we get closer to spring… or I find myself away for the weekend I’ll try them out!


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