a 1692 silk mantua

Ahh… more historical sewing. This time it’s a lovely rose and gold silk damask from Osgood Textile – and at $42/yd it should be fantastic! The mantua will be used for a display at the Corwin House, also known as the Witch House, in historic (and spooky!) Salem, MA. The gown is roughly based on an example from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is being made of luxurious silk fabrics since the Corwins were an incredible wealthy family – something not generally interpreted when it comes to the stories surrounding the 1692 Salem witch trials. Much, much more to come on this one but for now a lovely teaser photo of the gown mock-up being tested in the room where it will be displayed.

So much loveliness! Even while it's still so unfinished...

So much loveliness! Even while in such an unfinished state!