a very expensive pair of jeans, finis!

Crummy picture. Yummy jeans!

Happy dance! I’m wearing my new jeans!!

I was a bit annoyed after the rear fitting issues I discovered last night but another hour or so of sewing today and it’s all forgotten…

It was a bit of work to take out the back seam topstitching, and in fact, I had to do it 3 times – twice due to refining the back seam fit, and once because I forgot to check the stitch length before topstitching. In case you’ve ever wondered, small topstitching (2.5) on jeans looks really dumb. No getting around it – don’t bother experimenting! For what it’s worth, a stitch length of 3.25 worked perfectly with my Gutermann topstitching thread. The tension was increased slightly depending on how many layers of denim I was sewing at any particular time.

These are now a mess inside... but who can tell when I'm wearing them?

Since I opted to do the back seam adjustments with all the other seams in place, I had to hand finish the threads for the topstitching. This meant pulling threads to the inside, tying them off and then threading them back through the seams.

I then re-topstitched (or re-re-re-topstitched) the back seam since it took me a few tries to get the jeans fitted to my liking below the waistband.

The hem length was perfect – just enough to turn up the suggested 1″. We’ll see how they do after being worn and washed a few times. The belt loops were pretty straight-forward although this is another area that doesn’t have much detail in the directions. I admit, not much is needed – but again, I didn’t want to have to think! In the end, both ends were turned under about 1/2″, topstitched straight across 1/8″ away from the fold, and I lined up the bottom fold wherever it looked best, keeping it loose enough to actually hold a belt.

Yes, I need better pictures. But still the jeans look good!

Hmm… what else? Ahh, yes… pockets! I opted for the cotton print lined version… worked just fine and placed according to the directions. I did wait until the jeans were fully constructed so I could test the placement which made them a bit trickier to sew.  No photos of the back view – partially because I forgot and partially because there’s no reason to draw attention to that side. However, they don’t look so bad from the back either. Enough said! ;o)

This is probably the quickest turn around time for a project in years. Clearly new jeans were long overdue! I’m still wearing them… and doing the happy dance!!!

A few gripes:

  • Although I will undoubtedly make another pair using this pattern, the back yoke & back seam area still need to be refined for my figure.  (But that’s my issue not the pattern!)
  • It would be easiest to have two machines set up simultaneously – one for topstitching and one for seams. It got really annoying switching the threads and settings back and forth every few steps.
  • Next time I will head the advice to serge all edges in advance. They all need it and it really would speed up the rest of the construction process. Stitch and learn!
  • Even after two washings, the blue dye is affecting the topstitching thread. I’m going for 3 or 4 pre-washes next time.
  • Inseam and upper outseam could use some topstitching. I think I’ll pick a favorite pair of jeans to mimic next time. While I do love these pair, they could be even better!

Had enough yet? Now I just need to remember all this for next time! And yes, there will most certainly be a next time.