Vacation! (well.. almost)

I bought some black denim today (with stretch – ugh) and have high hopes to make a new pair of jeans tomorrow. Why? Because I’m on semi-vacation and I have free time!!! It’s just some 1% spandex black denim from Joann’s but the discount was crazy low and I wanted to keep playing jeans ;o)

Last night was a very big event for work – a colonial tavern dinner – and it was a smashing success, thanks to so many great volunteers who brought an 18th century house to life for the evening.  But.. phew! am I glad that it’s over. I’ve spent much of today sleeping and resting. And just to add a bit  of  fun, I’ve also started some new medication for arm & leg pain that is making me just a little bit loopy!  Driving (and thinking coherently) is out of the question for the first hour or two after each one.

This will make life interesting if nothing else!

There is one more work day on Saturday (outside and in the rain no less) and then a lovely eight days of making my own schedule.  And yes it will most certainly include some sewing! Dresses and jeans galore  – and just maybe some tops to go with all those jeans…